Full-Featured of Qualcomm
EDL QdLoader Mode [Auto]:

- Support Use Custom Loader/Firehose
- Ability to choose Brand and Model from the list
Like Xiaomi,Samsung,Nokia,Vivo... Etc

Factory Reset:

- Factory Reset [Multi method]
- Vivo Factory Reset [method 2 Keep Data]
- Oppo / Realme Factory Reset

Security/Network Repair:

- Repair IMEI 1,IMEI 2 [Normal/EFS Method]
- Repair MEID [Normal/EFS Method]
- Repair ESN [Normal/EFS Method]
- Repair SW/HW Verson [Normal/EFS Method]
- Repair Baner [Normal/EFS Method]
- Read & Write QCN [Diag Mode]
- Send PWD 16 Digit
- Backup Security/include EFS [EDL Mode]
- Write Security/include EFS [EDL Mode]
- Reset/Wipe Security/EFS [EDL Mode]

Erase FRP /Mi Account / Huawei ID:

- Reset FRP Lock Support most Qualcomm-based smartphones [EDL Mode]
- Disable Xiaomi Mi Account Without Relock [EDL Mode] [Beta]
- Remove Huawei ID
Remove Screen Locks:

- Read Pattern Lock [EDL Mode Un-Encrypted Devices]
- Remove Screen Locks Without Data Loss [EDL Mode Un-Encrypted Devices]
- Disable Screen Locks [EDL Mode Encrypted Userdata]
- Restore Screen Locks [EDL Mode Encrypted Userdata]
- Vivo Remove Screen Locks By Factory Reset Keep Data Method (EMMC)

Partitions Manager:

- Read Partitions (EDL Mode, ADB Mode)
- Backup Partitions (EDL Mode, ADB Mode)
- Write Selected Partitions (EDL Mode)
- Erase Selected Partitions (EDL Mode, ADB Mode)
- Backup Full Firmware [EDL Mode]
- Backup Firmware Except Userdata [EDL Mode]

Read System INFO:

- Read Contacts [EDL Mode]
- Read Info Android 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 [EDL Mode]

Direct Explorer:

- Support ext4 partitions [system/cache/userdata unEncrypted]

Firmware Tool:

- Write Xml Firmware
- Write Huawei Updade.app [EDL Mode]
- Convert Base Update.app To EDL Rom [Huawei]
- Extract partitons files from base update.App [Huawei]

Patch Kernel:

- Patch Boot partition to enable adb
- Patch Boot partition to remove locks screen
- Patch Boot partition to add Root [TTPro 99.9] no need any apk for Generic Qualcomm Devices

NV Workstation:

- Support Search By NV ID [Number/Hex]
- Read|Write Custom QCN
- Read|Write Custom NVF
- Read|Write Custom NV
- Read|Write Custom NV Data [Mobile]
- Support advanced Patcher/Editor [QCN|NV|NVF]
- Support conversion between different types [QCN|NV|NVF]
- Import/Export NV Data Files
- Read Custom Range NV from mobile[Diag Mode]
- Write Custom Range NV from mobile[Diag Mode]

Extended Explorer:

- Support Files [Ext2/ext3/ext4]
- Explorer File System
- Read Info Files
- Auto Converting Images
- Extract File/Files/Folders from Image